Why a digital flow control valve is a game-changer

As digitization is reaching new heights in terms of precision and automation, flow control valves are changing, too. As a matter of fact, the market is asking for digital valve solutions that are capable of adapting to the most diverse industries swiftly, and that can truly become a new benchmark for performance


This is why Dolphin Fluidics has developed digital control valves displaying an automatic management system that can effectively enhance the overall system, guaranteeing excellent safety standards and constant data reports


On this page, we will discuss: 


The technology behind our digital flow control valves

Dolphin Fluidics digital flow control valves boast smart features that enhance precision and efficiency, such as: 


  • Shape memory actuator: it ensures ultra-accurate, finely-tuned operations, stabilizing the valve while regulating flow rate and pressure. This actuator also reduces noise for silent operation. 
  • 32-bit microprocessor: this is an essential component in air or gas proportional valves. It features built-in memory for closed-loop control and customizable settings tailored to specific industry needs. 
  • Hardware interface: a crucial element for integrating external sensors. It enables control loop closure on circuit physical quantities, enhancing valve stability and accuracy for long-lasting performance. 
  • Real-time reporting: it facilitates device monitoring with precise data management, preempting troubleshooting, minimizing maintenance needs, and ensuring consistent reliability.


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The digital valve models by Dolphin Fluidics

Dolphin Fluidics offers a number of digital valve models in both single and dual channel configurations.

Single-channel valves

The single channel lineup includes: 


Smart HP Air

HP Air Digital Valve

This digital valve stands out as an ideal solution for consistent gas dosing. Its design ensures reduced power consumption compared to solenoid valves, making it perfect for efficient operations.


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Smart HP Liquid


This is a digital flow control valve that excels in interfacing seamlessly with external sensors for pressure, flow, or temperature. In this way, the device can effectively manage fluid dynamics, maintaining its reliability over time.


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This is the perfect valve for sterile and high-precision dispensing of liquids. Using its memory shape actuators, it can actively control the pressure and force applied to the tube, thereby ensuring optimal flow regulation.


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Dual-channel valves

The dual-channel valves entail: 



eav digital valve

This is a silent operating and energy-efficient digital valve. Its unique dual-channel structure is suitable both for gasses and liquids. It can be customized to meet the demands of applications such as IoT connectivity.


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digisense digital valve

This valve boasts two completely independent channels for regulating different liquid textures. Its design features an integrated digital mixer, offering exceptional precision without the need for external components, underscoring its self-sufficiency and versatility.


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digimed digital valve

This valve has been specifically tailored for the Healthcare industry. This digital proportional valve manages both liquids and gasses. It has been specifically developed in order that its components are compliant with ISO10993, ensuring safety and reliability in medical environments.


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