Digisense valve

Valolva Digisense2

Dolphin Fluidics' proportional Smart valves are 2-way, normally closed, full-separation valves for accurate dosing, mixing and dispensing of liquids and gases. 

The Digisense valve has two independent channels for controlling liquids. The valve has an integrated temperature probe and flowmeter for each channel to regulate the flow of the two closed-loop channels. This architecture allows for extremely accurate regulation or dosing of fluids with different viscosities, and thanks to the use of temperature probes, it allows two liquids to be mixed by controlling the outlet temperature with great precision.

The Digisense valve is an integrated digital feeder or mixer and does not require any external components to be adjusted or controlled.

The Digisense valve has very low power consumption, up to 20 times lower than conventional solenoid valves, and silent operation.

Each valve can be easily customised to meet the most stringent functional requirements of different applications, in terms of electronic and mechanical interface, fluidic performance and control electronics and communication on IoT platforms.


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1.DSC 2000 1920X700
DSC 2000

Shape memory actuator for accurate control of valve opening and closing.

Totally silent operation.

microprocessor smart valve

32-bit microprocessor with built-in memory for closed-loop proportional air or gas control.

Customisation of control firmware to suit the application

Full-seal gasket Digisense valve

Full-seal gasket ensuring a perfect seal and a high level of valve hygiene

Integrated flow meters digisense valve

Integrated flow meters in the two channels.


Closed-loop flow regulation

4.IMG E3609 1920X700
IMG E3609

Integrated temperature probes in the two channels.


Closed-loop mixing 

Technical information


Pressure range (min ΔP - max ΔP)
0 - 8 bar
0,16 (m3/h)/√bar
Proportional in closed loop
Operating voltage
7,5 - 24 VDC o 24 VAC
Communication and user interface
RS-485, Status Led

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