proportional valve working principle

Single-channel valves are digital, 2-way, full-separation smart valves with on/off and proportional closed-loop control. These valves are the perfect solution for dosing or dispensing fluids, both gasses, and liquids.


One of the key benefits of single-channel valves is their ability to provide accurate dosing or dispensing of fluids, without any drift over time. This makes them an ideal choice for a wide range of applications where precision is critical.


Each single-channel valve can be easily customized to meet the most stringent functional requirements of different applications, in terms of interface, fluid performance, and control electronics. This level of customization ensures that single-channel valves can deliver reliable and consistent performance in even the most demanding of applications.

Different types of single-channel valves:

Exploring the diversity of single-channel valves

Fluidic single-channel valves

The world of fluidic valves is complex, with a wide variety of valves available for a range of applications. Exploring this diversity can provide valuable insights into the best valve types for different applications. Let’s deepen Dolphin Fluidics single-channel valve types.

Smart HP single-channel valve

The Smart HP Air valve is a 2-way, normally closed valve that provides full separation and features both on/off and proportional closed-loop control. With its precision in dosing and dispensing, this type of single-channel fluidic valve is ideal for applications requiring high accuracy and stability over extended periods. Whether used in industrial, medical, or scientific settings, the Smart HP Air valve offers a reliable and efficient solution for gas control.

Smart HP single-channel liquid valve

Exploring the diversity of single-channel valves reveals an impressive range of specialized valves designed to meet the demands of liquid control. The Smart HP Liquid valve, for instance, is a 2-way, normally closed valve with on/off and proportional closed-loop control. Its advanced features make it the ideal solution for dosing and dispensing liquids with exceptional precision, while its ability to maintain stability even under high pressure ensures reliable performance over extended periods.

Digipinch valve

The Digipinch single-channel valve is a pinch-type, normally closed valve featuring both on/off and proportional closed-loop control. Its innovative design ensures the valve never comes into contact with the liquid, making it the ideal solution for dosing and dispensing liquids in the cleanest and most sterile way possible. With its exceptional precision and stability, the Digipinch valve is ideal for use in a variety of industries, including pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and biotechnology.

On/Off single-channel valve

The Smart On/Off valves from Dolphin Fluidics are 2-way medium separated, normally closed valves ideal for dispensing and mixing. These innovative valves have exceptional cleanliness, lightweight, compact size, and unparalleled efficiency in controlling flow.

A comprehensive overview of single-channel fluidic valves working principle

Single-channel fluidic valves are essential components in microfluidic systems and play a crucial role in controlling the flow. Understanding their working principle is fundamental to their design and application in various industries, including analytical chemistry, biotechnology, and medical diagnostics. These valves operate by using various techniques, such as pneumatic or electrochemical actuation, to control the flow of fluids through a single channel. 


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