Mixing valve


These mixing valves for professional coffee machines are capable of delivering hot water for the preparation of infusions at the desired temperature and with a high degree of accuracy and stability. The system is able to mix the hot water coming from the boiler and the cold water coming from the water network passively, without any power supply, delivering the mixed water always at the perfect temperature. The valve can behave in a reactive way thanks to an actuator with shape memory material that varies mixing ratio by compensating any possible fluctuation of the working conditions. By setting the brewing temperature the system can meet the needs of the most demanding users without increasing the complexity of the traditional hydraulic circuit of the machine.

Automatic temperature control mixer


Automatic temperature control mixer

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Technical information


Hot component temperature
110 - 135 °C / 230 - 275 °F
Cold component temperature
5 - 35 °C / 41 - 95 °F
Range of setting temperature of the mixed water
78 - 98 °C / 172 - 208 °F (boiling)
Range of setting
± 2°C / 3.6 °F
Cold component work pressure
1 - 9 bar / 14.5 - 130.5 psi
Threaded inlet - outlet
G 1/8 inch
450 g / 0.99 lb
Materials standard compliant
EC 1935, 2004 NSF51

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