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Dolphin Fluidics produces and markets digital smart medical valves for fluid management in the health technology sector. With extensive experience and know-how in hemodialysis systems, diagnostics, and laboratory analysis, our team develops innovative solutions for equipment and devices that help improve quality of life and support critical patients in medical treatment. Our medical valve advanced design, rigorous validation process, and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques ensure a range of robust, highly reliable, efficient and totally silent products, capable of handling even low flow rates and dosing both fluids and gases with the utmost precision.


Popular products include ON/OFF and proportional electronic valves with single and dual-channel closed-loop control.

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Our medical valves

All you have to know about medical valves

Medical valve types

There are various types of medical valves available, each designed to fulfill specific purposes in medical and healthcare settings. 


3-Way Medical Valve

This type of valve enables the diversion of fluid flow between three different channels. It finds application in procedures such as cardiac surgeries, where precise control over the flow of blood or other fluids is essential for optimal patient care. 


Direct Flow Medical Valve

As the name suggests, this valve allows direct and unobstructed flow of fluids. It is commonly used in applications where a continuous and uninterrupted flow of medication or other fluids is required, such as drug infusion systems or intravenous therapy. The direct flow medical valve ensures the smooth delivery of fluids, minimizing any disruptions or delays in treatment.


Medical Gas Valve

Designed specifically for medical gas delivery systems, this valve regulates the flow of gases used in healthcare facilities and is a crucial component in oxygen dispensers, anesthesia machines, and respiratory equipment, ensuring the safe and precise administration of gases to patients. These valves often incorporate additional safety features to prevent gas leaks and maintain the integrity of the gas supply.


Every valve can be readily customized to fulfill even the most stringent functional demands of diverse applications, encompassing electronic and mechanical interfaces, fluidic performance, and control electronics. Additionally, they offer seamless integration with IoT platforms, facilitating efficient communication and data exchange.

The functionality of proportional medical valves

Dolphin Fluidics smart valves find extensive application in the medical and dental fields, offering a range of diverse functions. These valves excel in maintaining impeccable hygiene standards, particularly crucial for safeguarding non-contaminated liquids.


Key features of these valves include:


  • Precise Dosing
  • Efficient Mixing
  • Controlled Drops Management
  • Reliable Flow Generation
  • No acoustic noise
  • Very low power consumption


More specifically, these medical valves are employed in health and dental industries, and their equipment, such as oxygen dispensers, pulmonary ventilators, drug infusion systems, diagnostic machines, and dialysis apparatus.

Why choose Dolphin Fluidics medical valves?

Dolphin Fluidics is a medical valve manufacturer that possesses unparalleled intelligence and advanced technology, ensuring exceptional control over flow, pressure, and temperature. In contrast to conventional valves available in the market, Dolphin Fluidics medical valves can be precisely regulated using closed-loop control systems and conveniently managed remotely through wireless technology.


These valves also prioritize hygiene, offering ease of cleaning and operating quietly. Furthermore, they consume approximately ten times less power compared to traditional valves.

Gas Blender

Gas Blender (1)
Gas Blender (1)

Smart proportional valve for gas blending

The digital device to Regulate Control Blend
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