Digipinch valve

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The Digipinch valve is a pinch-type, normally closed valve with on/off and proportional closed-loop control.

These valves are the perfect solution for dosing or dispensing liquids with high precision and no drift over time in the cleanest and most sterile way as they are never in contact with the liquid. In fact, the Digipinch through its shape memory actuator proportionally controls the force, and therefore the pressure, applied to the tube containing the liquid, regulating its flow.

The Digipinch valve has a very low power consumption, up to 20 times lower than traditional solenoid valves, and silent operation. It can also be directly interfaced to external pressure, flow or temperature sensors so that it can be closed-loop controlled to the target fluid dynamic function. 

Each valve can be easily customised to meet the most stringent functional requirements of different applications, in terms of electronic and mechanical interface, fluidic performance and control electronics and communication on IoT platforms.


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Shape memory valve

Shape memory actuator for accurate control of valve opening and closing.

Totally silent operation

32-bit microprocessor smart valve

32-bit microprocessor with integrated memory for proportional air or gas closed-loop control

Customisation of control firmware to suit the application

Hardware smart valves

Hardware interface for external sensors to enable control loop closure on physical quantities in the circuit


Stability and accuracy over time

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IMG 0837 375X320

Flow regulation through proportional control of the force, and

therefore of the pressure, applied

to the tube containing the liquid


Ideal in applications where a high

required a high degree of

cleanliness and sterilisation

Technical information


Pressure range (min ΔP - max ΔP)
0-2 bar
Depends on the tube used
Proportional in closed loop
Operating voltage
5 - 24 VDC
Communication and user interface
Analog, PWM, Serial RS-485, I2C, Status Led

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