Dual-channel valves



Dolphin Fluidics dual-channel valves, unlike single-channel valves, are digital smart valves with 2 separate channels each with full, normally closed, on/off and proportional closed-loop control. These valves are the perfect solution for dosing, dispensing or mixing fluids, both gases and liquids, with high accuracy and no time drift. Being able to control two channels independently, dual-channel valves are true fluid modules integrated in a single device, allowing customers to reduce space, weight, wiring and therefore costs within their equipment.

Each valve can be easily customised to meet the most stringent functional requirements of different applications, in terms of interface, fluidic performance and control electronics. In addition, as the valves are controlled by digital electronics, they can be easily connected, via serial bus or wireless protocols, to IoT cloud and mobile platforms enabling remote data exchange, management and diagnostics.

Different types of dual-channel valves

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