Dual-channel valves



Dolphin Fluidics dual-channel valves, unlike single-channel valves, are digital smart valves with 2, normally closed, separate channels each with on/off and proportional closed-loop control. These valves are the perfect solution for dosing, dispensing, or mixing fluids, both gases and liquids, with high accuracy and no drift. Being able to control two channels independently, dual-channel fluidic valves are true modules integrated into a single device, allowing customers to reduce space, weight, wiring, and therefore costs within their equipment.


Each valve can be easily customized to meet the most stringent functional requirements of different applications, in terms of interface, fluidic performance, and control electronics. In addition, as the dual-channel fluidic valves are controlled by digital electronics, they can be easily connected, via serial bus or wireless protocols, to IoT cloud and mobile platforms enabling remote data exchange, management, and diagnostics.

Different types of dual-channel fluidic valves

Dolphin dual-channel valves

EAV fluidic valve

The EAV 2-channel valve, specifically engineered for air, gas, and liquid, features dual channels. The first channel regulates the airflow, while the latter channel accurately controls the flow of liquid or vapor. This fluidic valve operates in a noiseless manner and exhibits considerably lower power consumption than conventional solenoid valves, utilizing up to 20 times less power. It easily integrates with external sensors, such as pressure, flow, or temperature sensors, to enable closed-loop control and achieve the intended fluid dynamic functionality.


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Digisense dual-channel valve

The Digisense fluidic valve boasts two autonomous liquid channels, each featuring an integrated temperature probe and flowmeter to regulate fluid flow. The dual-channel Digisense valve functions as an all-in-one digital dosing or mixer, without requiring any additional external components for control or adjustment. This innovative design enables highly accurate dosing or regulation of fluids with varying viscosities, and by manipulating outlet temperature, facilitates precise blending of two liquids.


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Digimed valve

Designed specifically for the healthcare industry, the dual-channel valve Digimed adheres to ISO10993 regulations with all of its constituent material and features two distinct fluidic channels which offer proportional liquid, air, or gas control independently. It consumes significantly less power than conventional solenoid valves, with a reduction of up to 20 times, and operates silently. The valve can also be connected directly to external pressure, flow, or temperature sensors for closed-loop control of the desired fluidic function.


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The benefits of smart dual-channel fluidic valves

By installing smart dual-channel valves, you can experience several benefits in terms of energy efficiency and precise performance. Specifically, the proportional valves designed and manufactured by Dolphin Fluidics are characterized by:


  • Remote control capability through wireless technology
  • Accuracy and precision thanks to closed-loop control
  • Guarantee of hygiene and non-contamination
  • Low power consumption


In addition, there are specific advantages for different application sectors: in the medical sector, for example, the possibility of remotely controlling the flow of medical devices allows therapies to be carried out at home, greatly reducing hospitalization times.


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