Proportional flow valve: features and benefits

Mastering fluid dynamics and engineering is becoming instrumental in having a comprehensive understanding of proportional flow valves. 

Industries that work in this field are becoming increasingly demanding. Therefore, professionals who have to deal with the flow regulation of fluids on a daily basis need to find effective responses to all sorts of challenges.

TheDolphin Fluidics proportional flow valve emerges for its polyvalent approach in controlling not only liquids or gasses but also fluids in general. 

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proportional flow valve

The working mechanism of a proportional flow valve

Nowadays, proportional valves are not just a commodity, but a necessity. It’s proof of how the engineering industry is constantly changing, requiring further skills and accuracy. 

As the world keeps spinning, advancements in technology are at the top of our agenda. For this reason, Dolphin Fluidics has designed and crafted a valve that can regulate flow proportionally to the input it receives. 

In this regard, the spool’s position plays a crucial role. In fact, being the spool electrically controlled, it moves so that its position fine-tunes the precise flow rate.

This mechanism is in contrast with the inner workings of solenoid traditional valves which were either fully open or closed.

A constraint that has been avoided with the advent of proportional flow valves. As a result, operators can decide how to dose and dispense fluids and have complete control over flow rate variations. 

Moreover, these adjustments can be made in real time thanks to innovations that allow to remotely regulate and set parameters directly on smart devices. 


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Features and benefits

Engineering revolves around the utmost accuracy, especially when we are talking about smart valves that need to regulate flow and pressure.

This is why a proportional flow valve should display certain characteristics in order to be considered reliable. Consequently, a number of advantages stem from these features

Let’s discuss them together.

  • Digital integration: our valves offer the chance to supervise fluid flow thanks to electronics. The result is a smart proportional control system that enables you to constantly monitor the valve functioning anytime, and anywhere. 
  • Remote control: being a smart system, proportional flow valve parameters can be checked in real-time through wireless technology. This allows you to put in place targeted and effective measures when required, increasing your overall efficiency.
  • Hygiene and safety: Dolphin Fluidics flow valves are extremely safe. In fact, cleaning and maintaining the device is simple, ensuring the utmost level of hygiene.
  • Polyvalent: proportional valves are multifaceted and can be used in regulating the flow rate of liquids, gasses and a number of other fluids. For this reason, they have many different applications in multiple sectors. 
  • Reliable: dosing and dispensing fluids is a delicate operation that demands accuracy. Dolphin Fluidics proportional flow valves can stabilize pressure quickly while reducing power consumption. 
  • Discrete: thanks to shape memory actuators, these flow valves operate silently and without any performance drift.
  • Durable: our proportional valves can stand the test of time because we use the most robust materials to build them, in order to guarantee top-quality standards. 


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The multiple applications of a proportional flow valve 

A proportional flow valve is suitable for many different applications as it’s cost-effective and highly efficient

  • In fact, it’s useful to have a dosing system when it comes to medical devices. In this case, flow valves can actually be life-saving and the internal mechanism of the tool used to treat patients. 
  • In agriculture, as well, proportional flow valves can be used to control water flow and chemical treatments, ensuring excellent results in irrigating fields. 
  • Fluid flow rate can be difficult to regulate in industrial contexts. This is why streamlined processes need to stabilize the pressure and the rate of flow in order to optimize the whole production cycle. 
  • A proportional flow valve is also crucial in electronic taps as it can precisely control the temperature and record fluctuations.

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