2-ways valve: applications, industries, and working principles

In today’s technologically advanced industries, the precision and efficiency of fluid control are critically important. 2-ways valves represent a key component in many systems, offering both reliability and versatility across various applications. This guide delves into the functionalities, applications, and detailed workings of these valves, providing industry professionals with the knowledge to leverage this technology effectively.


Here is what we'll look at:


Understanding how 2-ways valves work

2-ways valves, such as those designed by Dolphin Fluidics, are engineered for precise control of fluid flow, be it gas or liquid. These devices are full-separation smart valves with on/off and proportional closed-loop control. The ability to switch operation modes allows for versatile applications in dynamic environments.


The operation of these valves is facilitated through advanced actuation methods, including pneumatic and electrochemical systems. Such techniques ensure responsive and stable control of the fluid flow, which is essential for maintaining the efficacy of the system in which they are integrated.

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2-ways valve

Applications and industry uses

Choosing between single-ways and 2-ways valves involves evaluating several key factors:

2-ways valves are indispensable in various sectors due to their adaptability and precision. Here’s how they apply to different industries:


  • Healthtech: In medical devices and diagnostics, precise dosing and fluid management are crucial. 2-ways valves enhance device reliability, making them ideal for applications such as automated drug delivery systems.
  • Food and Beverage: Ensuring accurate and hygienic dispensing of liquids is essential in the F&B industry. 2-ways valves facilitate contamination-free operations with their superior control capabilities.
  • Industrial and agricultural: From controlling irrigation systems to managing industrial automation, 2-ways valves provide robust solutions that improve efficiency and productivity.
different types of 2-ways valves

Exploring different types of 2-ways valves

Fluidic 2-ways valves

Fluidic smart valves are the backbone of microfluidic systems, often used in analytical chemistry and biotechnology. Their precise control makes them suitable for scenarios where exact fluid volumes need to be managed.


Smart HP 2-ways valves

Offering exceptional stability and accuracy, these valves are used in applications requiring rigorous control over extended periods, such as in scientific research and industrial processes.


Digipinch 2-ways valves

This pinch-type valve ensures no direct contact with the fluid, ideal for sterile applications in pharmaceuticals and biotech industries.


On/Off 2-ways valves

Designed for simplicity and efficiency, these valves are used in various applications where basic on/off control of fluid flow is needed, particularly in dispensing and mixing operations.


Differences between 2-ways and dual-channel valves

Structural and functional differences

While 2-ways valves have an inlet and an outlet, dual-channel valves incorporate two separate channels, each capable of independent control. This dual functionality allows for more complex operations and system configurations.


Advantages of dual-channel valves

Dual-channel valves are particularly beneficial in applications requiring simultaneous control of two different fluids or gases. They are two modules integrated into a single device, allowing customers to reduce space, weight, wiring, and therefore costs within their equipment.


Technological integration

Both 2-ways and dual-channel valves support advanced connectivity options, including integration with IoT and mobile platforms. This allows for remote monitoring and control, enhancing system diagnostics and management.


2-ways valves are essential for modern industrial applications, offering versatility, precision, and efficiency. Understanding their operation, applications, and the distinctions from dual-channel valves equips professionals to make informed decisions that enhance system performance and reliability. 


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