Proportional flow control valve for water systems

In the ever-evolving context of fluid engineering, precision and efficiency are two core features for thriving technical growth


When it comes to water flow improvement and the enhancement of the overall system standards, a groundbreaking technology stands out as the ultimate solution - proportional flow control valves for water systems


These valves accurately fine-tune water flow, making the entire mechanism work synergically.


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hydraulic proportional valve

Understanding Proportional Flow Control Valves


Proportional flow control valves for water systems are electronically controlled devices that offer unparalleled precision. Working as a normally closed, 2-way valve, they incorporate proportional closed-loop regulation to adjust water flow rates accurately. 


One of its core features resides in continuously measuring flow rate and providing real-time updates to the valve system to maintain it over time without fluctuations. Thanks to sensors, data is compared and it’s possible to dose and dispense liquids carefully - even under high-pressure circumstances and varying conditions.


Another crucial characteristic is related to energy consumption, which is up to 20 times less than traditional solenoid valves. Moreover, this water-proportional flow control valve can be interfaced directly with external sensors which rate pressure, flow, or temperature for a more target fluid dynamic function.


The advantages


Proportional valves are becoming increasingly important. These technological devices surpass traditional regulation systems, making room for a new concept of efficiency, power consumption, and operational excellence. 


At the core of these advanced devices, there are some advantages that will benefit the multiple fields of application where these valves can operate. 


  • Enhanced precision: there is no room for error with our new proportional flow control valves for water systems which enable accurate dosing and dispensing, controlling flow and pressure rate at any time thanks to sensors and real-time monitoring
  • More efficiency: energy consumption is finally optimized thanks to more precise control over dosing fluid power
  • Silent operation: these valves not only have high standards in terms of flow control technology, but they are also very quiet while working. 
  • Unmatched customization: proportional flow control valves need to be functional, precision-wise, and interconnected with IoT platforms. For this reason, you can choose how to customize your valve based on the field of application and your practical needs.


Dolphin Fluidics proportional flow control valve for water systems


Smart HP Liquid single-channel valve is the perfect solution if you are looking for a system that can easily fit a number of applications. 


  • Thanks to a shape memory actuator it’s easier to control the valve opening and closing operations, allowing the operator to have control over liquid flow and pressure rate.
  • Its technologically innovative system consists in a 32-bit microprocessor with built-in memory for closed-loop proportional fluid regulation.
  • Dolphin Fluidics Smart HP Liquid valve is extremely well-sealed, guaranteeing a high level of hygiene.
  • Sensors ensure proportional flow control valve stability and precision over time.


Are you looking for a reliable proportional flow control valve for water systems? Choose Dolphin Fluidics expertise!

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