Water goes digital for a more sustainable world

Save water,
save energy,
drink pure

Dolphin Fluidics technology digitizes your faucets.
Water consumption, temperature and water quality are controlled electronically.

A new way
to dispense
and save

Place the smart control everywhere and manage your faucet remotely. Read how much you are consuming in real time and set your target to save water for a purposeful use of it.

The integrated sensor measures the quality of the water you drink and the
level of carbonation in real time. The controller display shows the filter status and indicates
if it needs to be replaced.


Smart valves and intelligent sensors for connected water in your smart home.

Smart digital proportional valve based on shape memory alloys actuator, micro-electronics and wireless communication for data sharing and management.

Optical sensor able to measure, monitor and report the water quality detecting the CO2 level both in line and in every cup.

About Dolphin Fluidics


Founded in 2014, Dolphin Fluidics designs, produces and sells smart fluidics valves able to proportionally control flows and pressures with extremely high accuracy.

“We digitalize the fluidics” is the company's mission and “open innovation” is the principle that inspires its talented and experienced staff.
Patented valves produced by Dolphin Fluidics can control flows from single drops up to hundreds of litres and fit perfectly in lots of products and markets, from medical equipment to smart faucets, from beverage dispensers to coffee machines. Headquartered in Milano, Italy, Dolphin Fluidics is part of the Fluid-o-Tech Group from whom the company inherited a 70-year Know-How in fluidics.

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